What we do

MAEK Advies


The advisors of MAEK Advies have earned their spurs at Deloitte. In their careers they have already assisted many small and medium-sized businesses. MAEK Advies works with real generalists who are used to think across the boundaries of different tax legislations. One advisor where you can go to with all your questions. One advisor who continuously monitors whether tax opportunities arise for your company. You will find this advisor at MAEK Advies.

Keeping sound records takes time. Time that you prefer to spend on conducting your business. However, the financial administration is an important source of information to be able to do business consciously. Because, with a good administration you have insight into the development of your turnover, costs and results. You must be able to adjust when necessary.

Your tax filings and the tax filings of your company constitute obligations towards the tax authorities that regularly return. With us all your filings and the filings of your company are in place. We do not only prepare the tax filings, but we also assess whether your tax position is optimal. Items that may affect the amount of tax you have to pay are always taken into account if your tax returns are prepared by MAEK Advies.

You can contact us for all matters related to your tax position and financial administration. From accounting to payroll, from monthly reports to your annual accounts: we take care of it. You choose whether you outsource a part of your financial administration or completely.

Start a business

The decision has been made, you will start your own business. We will assist you right from the start and know which steps to take. The right legal form of enterprise, setup of the administration, registration with the right authorities: our daily business. Insurance, contracts, financing: we know our way around and have the right contacts. With MAEK Advies you will have a head start.

Tax audit

Oh dear, a book review. Nothing to worry about with MAEK Advies as your advisor. Never before has a tax audit with clients of MAEK Advies led to corrections with financial impact. Taxes and administrations are our specialties and the tax authorities also know that.

Cross-border activities

You have decided to expand your business across the border. On a regular basis we assist companies that expand to the Netherlands or outside the Netherlands. We set out the tax consequences and the practical issues that need to be arranged are put in motion. You can fully focus on the expansion of your company, because we take care of all the operations around it.

Adjust the company structure

A new holding company? A legal merger or perhaps legally split a company? Transfer real estate within the company structure? We take care of it without making it too complicated.


Foundations / associations

There are hundreds of thousands of foundations and associations in the Netherlands. From charities to real estate foundations. From branch organizations to sports clubs. There are many misunderstandings about the tax position of foundations and associations. One of the misunderstandings is that foundations and associations cannot be liable to corporate income tax. Nothing is less true.

We have successfully discussed the tax position for many foundations and associations with the Dutch tax authorities. We ensure clear agreements, so that you as a board member have visibility on the financial consequences of any tax liability.

You also have the responsibility for the financial ins and outs of the organization. A sound administration is therefore indispensable. MAEK Advies can take care of the financial administration for you. Do you want to outsource the administration completely or carry out part of the administrative process yourself? Do you need monthly overviews or is once a year enough? Your need is our challenge. 

Tax liability trade association

For one of the largest trade associations in the Netherlands, we have discussed the turnover tax and corporate income tax consequences of its activities with the tax authorities. Due to an expansion of its commercial activities, its tax position also took on more form. In addition to a thorough transition period from no tax liability to tax liability, we supervise the required restructuring of its financial administration.

Publication requirements ANBI (PBO)

We also have charity institutions among our clients. In addition to the administrative services we provide to these kind of institutions, we also successfully take care of the application for the so-calles ANBI-status. We also assist these organizations with their annual publication obligations, so that the ANBI-status is never jeopardized.

Subsidy reports

Some of the foundations and associations that we assist receive subsidies from municipalities, governments or the European Union. These subsidy providers often require a clear justification of the use of these funds. We support our clients with the correct organization of the administration to provide these insights.



The Dutch tax system is far from simple, but in many situations you will have to deal with it. It is therefore important that you are informed in time of the tax consequences of the changes in your life. In addition, legislative changes often offer tax opportunities. MAEK Advies provides insight into these opportunities.

Our clients entrust us with their financial and fiscal affairs. Not only because we do what we say, but also because we explain what we do. This way you understand what we mean for you and that is important to us.

At MAEK Advies all your tax returns are at the right place. We take care of all types of tax returns that you can encounter as an individual, such as income tax, gift tax and inheritance tax. 

Tax friendly transfer of assets

Transferring assets to the next generation can lead to unwanted tax consequences. However, there are plenty of options where these tax consequences can be reduced to the minimum or even nil. We know these possibilities, know which offer the most benefit and carry them out for you.


You have come to the Netherlands to work here. You may be eligible for the so-called 30%-facility with which your employer may grant you a free (tax exempted) allowance of up to 30% of your gross salary. We know whether you meet the conditions for this facility and we will successfully submit an application with the tax authorities. That is what we have done for many other clients.

Migration and the tax authorities

You may temporarily or permanently move to the Netherlands or abroad. Passing the Dutch border has at least tax consequences. We annually prepare various tax returns for migrants and ensure that your departure or arrival is also properly arranged with the tax authorities.

Last will and inheritance tax returns

You arrange the way in which you want to leave your assets to your heirs in a will. What you have included in your will, shall have tax consequences after your death. We know these consequences and based on your wishes we can have a will prepared that keeps the tax burden under control. The inheritance tax return is in good hands with us, so the heirs do not have to worry about this either.