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Privacy statement MAEK Advies

We collect personal data from our business contacts. The privacy of our business contacts is of great importance. We therefore comply in general with the privacy legislation and the General Regulation on Personal Data (GRDP) in particular. This means that your data is safe with us and that we always use it properly. What information we collect from you, we keep and how we use this data, can be found in this privacy statement.

Personal data to be processed

The personal data we process depends on the exact service and circumstances. Often this involves the following data:

  • name and address details;
  • Birthdate and place of birth;
  • Nationality;
  • Sex;
  • Contact details (e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, other addresses);
  • Copy of identity documents;
  • Citizen service number (only if necessary);
  • Age;
  • Salary and other information required for tax returns, salary calculations and the like;
  • Marital status, data partner and possibly information about children insofar as necessary for, for example, tax returns;
  • IBAN number(s).

We will store your personal data as long as necessary to achieve the relevant goals. Certain data has to be kept longer because we have to comply with legal retention obligations.

Goals of and bases for processing

In a number of cases we process the personal data in order to comply with a legal obligation, but usually we do so in order to be able to implement our services. Some data is recorded for practical or efficiency reasons, which we assume are also in your interest, such as:

  • communication and information provision;
  • efficiency of our services;
  • invoicing;

Sharing personal data with third parties

We deal confidentially with your personal data. We do not provide the personal data we collect to third parties for direct marketing purposes of these parties. We will only give your personal data to other companies or institutions if this is necessary for the execution of our assignment (such as the Tax Authorities), if we have received your permission or if we are legally obliged to do so.

In the context of our services, we can make use of the services of third parties, for example if these third parties have special knowledge or resources that we do not have ourselves. These can be so-called processors or sub-processors, who will process the personal data on the basis of your exact commission. Other third parties who, strictly speaking, are not processors of the personal data but have access to them or can have access to them, are for example our system administrator, suppliers or hosting parties of online software or consultants whose advice we obtain concerning your assignment. If engaging third parties has the effect that they have access to the personal data or that they themselves record and / or otherwise process, we will agree (in writing) with those third parties that they will comply with all the obligations of the GDPR. Of course, we will only involve third parties from whom we can and may assume that they are reliable parties that deal adequately with personal data and, moreover, can and will comply with the GDPR. This means, among other things, that these third parties may only process your personal data for the aforementioned purposes. Of course, it may also be that we have to provide your personal data in connection with a legal obligation.


We have taken appropriate organizational and technical measures for the protection of the personal data insofar as these can reasonably be required of us, taking into account the interest to be protected, the state of the technology and the costs of the relevant security measures.

View, modify or delete data

You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data (except of course if this breaches any legal obligations). Furthermore, you can object to the processing of your personal data by us or by one of our processors and you have the right to have the data provided by you transferred by us to yourself or directly to another party if you wish.

Incidents with personal data

If there is an incident (a so-called data leak) regarding the personal data concerned, we will inform you of this, unless there are serious reasons to not inform you.

Contact and possible changes

Undoubtedly our privacy policy will sometimes be changed. The most recent version of the privacy statement will always be available on the website.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by telephone on 070-4152202 or by e-mail at