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Our team

  • Marco RuitenbeekMarco Ruitenbeek

    Marco Ruitenbeek
    Solid. Better thoroughly than half. Water (no coffee). Volunteer work.

  • Kees HuismanKees Huisman

    Kees Huisman
    Number magician. Loving tax solutions, black coffee and 18-holes of golf.

  • Amanda VollemansAmanda Vollemans

    Amanda Vollemans
    Inventor of tidiness. Tax student. Milk with coffee and sugar. Travelling partier.

  • Rens KerkhoffRens Kerkhoff

    Rens Kerkhoff
    Entrepreneurial. Drinks everything, dares almost everything. Adventurous biker.

  • Chantal van Delft
    Fit and bright. Skinny latte and smoothies. File hero that stands for her work.

  • Interesse?Interesse?

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About MAEK Advies

MAEK Advies was founded in 2012 and is a result of our ambition to become entrepreneurs. Doing what we are good at is our motive. Liking what we do, keeps us focused. With our years of Big 4 experience as tax consultants, we make high-quality service available for anyone who needs it. With clear rates and without any surprises.

Since day 1 we help our customers with their tax and administrative matters. Our clients trust us, because we explain what we mean to them. We provide insight into tax opportunities, we make financial information understandable. We find that important.

With MAEK Advies as trusted advisor, our clients progress without looking back. Without worrying about taxes and administration, they can focus on the future, just as it should be. We are very proud of that.

Our mission

Our mission is to keep the amount of tax you pay restricted to the amount you should pay legally. We do this by being aware of and staying informed of all tax developments that concern you. By keeping us informed of events that affect the tax you have to pay, we can take appropriate measures for you in time.

We believe that your records and tax returns are more than just obligations. They are opportunities to grow, both your business as you in private. Our team is set up every day to help you grow further. We are always available and are ready when you need us. That is why our clients trust us.